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Nickel Callus Remover
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Size : 92mmx90mm
Color : Ivory,Sky blue
Specially designed to easily grip handle
Be cleanly used, no messy callus power
on the floor
For dry, cracked skin in the heels
Lightweight and can be taken everywher
Our newest product, MOVIDIC 800, is a dolphin-shaped foot callus remover. Its design is not only unique
but also convenient at the same time.
The lid is shaped for easy gripping without having to worry it will slip away from the hand.
Since the nickel part is covered with plastic at the bottom, one may easily carry it around,
without hurting oneself.
● K-won’s newest product, MOVIDIC-800, is carefully and uniquely designed to be more
   safety-oriented for people with children.
● The movidic is designed for easy gripping and effective results.
● The product is cleanly used and no messy callus powder fall on the floor.

1.Carefully open the device, grip handling the top piece and pulling out the bottom piece.
2.Place the movidic’s tail between the second and the third finger for easier and stronger grip.
3.Place the top piece (attached with nickel-sheet faced middle piece) on where the calluses reside and
   repeat the back-and-forth action, adjusting the speed as much as needed.
4.When finished, carefully open the middle piece, and disregard the callus powder.
5.Clean the device with water.
6.Dry it with a towel.
7.Put together the middle piece and the top piece.
8.The bottom piece is put together with the top piece from back to the front.
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